Rescue Shelter

The Ivankiv region is comprised of over 20 villages with more than 600 children listed with social services as living in abusive or neglectful homes or extreme poverty. In the past, children would be removed from these situations and placed in the orphanage while the regional officials removed the parents rights and worked to either place the child with another relative, place the child in foster care or put the child up for adoption.

During the fall of 2012l, the orphanage in the Ivankiv region of Ukraine was closed by the national government due to a lack of government funding.  At that time, the regional government asked Jeremiah’s Hope to take over the orphanage (including facilities, the 5 remaining orphans and taking on new children).  However, due to a lack of resources (both financial and man-power), Jeremiah’s Hope declined the invitation.

With the orphanage now closed, the regional authorities have no where to place the children on a temporary basis.  During the first few months following the orphanage closure, there were children who desperately needed to be removed from their parents care, but were “stuck” living with them because there was no temporary holding facility in our region.  The local regional government asked Jeremiah’s Hope to consider opening a Rescue Shelter on the camp property to meet the needs of the children.

Under our contract with the Ivankiv regional government, the new facility was built to accommodate up to 18 children at any given time. Our ministry team & the regional authorities have worked to formalize a plan of operation that would allow for the children to be removed from their homes, for a period of up to 3 months, while the government and Jeremiah’s Hope ministry team will work together to try to rehabilitate and restore the family. If that cannot be accomplished, we will work together to place the children in Christian homes or foster families. While the children are in our custody, they are enrolled in either preschool or school so that their education does not fall behind.

Rescue Shelter

We praise God for this ministry opportunity & hope to be able to share Christ’s love with many families in the hopes of restoring their families!  If you would like to learn more about our Rescue Shelter or how you can support this aspect of our ministry, please contact us at for more information