Medical/Dental Outreach

In the fall of 2012, Jeremiah’s Hope began partnering with “Mercy Trucks Ukraine” and Dr. Jeff Crane (and friends) to provide free medical and dental care to our local community – Kolentsi, Ukraine.  Every three months, our ministries combine efforts to reach out to approximately 60-70 patients offering a wide variety of care.

IMG_0245     DSC00430

“Mercy Trucks Ukraine” provide free dental care to each patient.  Everything from a routine check up, cleaning, extractions and root canals are done at no cost.  Dr Jeff Crane (and friends) provide routine medical exams and consultations.  And other provide basic optical examinations and fitting of basic reading glasses.

Each patient, regardless of what their needs are, receives a copy of God’s word and is prayed over while they are at the clinic.