Meet Nastya…

Nastya is a fifteen-year old girl who came to live in our Rescue Shelter with her younger sister in the end of July. They are from a village that is roughly a forty-five minute drive away from our camp. They have not seen their parents since July, and it is unclear as to how much longer the girls will be with us. This is their second time living in the shelter for an extended period of time, so we have been able to develop close relationships with them. 

Their Mom is a heavy drinker, and the kids have been neglected due to this. She was in rehab two years ago for a period of time, went back in the fall of last year, and was recently released. Unfortunately, she quickly fell back into old ways. Nastya is eight years older than her sister, and basically played the role of a mom in raising her little sister. The two of them are very close and it is obvious how much they care for one another.

Nastya is sweet, and a huge help in the shelter. She does above and beyond her chores, daily offering her help around the house. She is in 8th grade, and enjoys going to school and spending time with the friends she has made there. Nastya is incredibly social, and, like our little Vika, LOVES to talk. She could talk from sun up to sun down! She also loves to read, cook, sing, listen to music, watch movies, and do artistic things.

It is encouraging to see how she is growing in her relationship with God. Lately, she has been memorising Scripture to help her when she is struggling. She is always ready to pray and loves answering questions, reading Bible stories to the little kids, and retelling Bible stories.

Being a teenager with all of the many emotions connected to that age is difficult for most kids. You can imagine how much more difficult it is to deal with that while going through so much instability. Please pray for Nastya as she misses her mom a lot. Please pray that all of these difficulties would bring her closer to the Lord, and that she would see and understand God’s love for her more and more. Also, please keep her whole family in prayer; for their salvation, and that the necessary lasting changes would take place so that they can be reunited.