School Supplies Delivered to Sasha Project Families…

For Ukrainians, school officially starts on Septembe 1st every year. No matter what day of the week, even Saturday and Sunday.

Like all kids, Ukrainians need to prepare their children for another academic year and for our Sasha Project famiies, that is cost prohibitive. So, every year, our ministry team puts together backpacks and school supplies to “help” our kids get back to school.  It is our desire to provide these school supplies so that each of the kids we serve have every opportunity to excel in their education.  We see education as a key to helping transform these kids lives.

During the last week of August, we packed over 70 backpacks full of school supplies. Then, over the last few days of the month, the backpacks and supplies were delivered to each of our Sasha Project kids!

Many of the supplies and all of the backpacks were donated by members of Northside Church of Christ in San Antonio, TX. Thank you!