Recent Food Distributions to Serve Refugees…

This week, Jeremiah’s Hope has been coordinating the distribution of food to missionary contacts in communities along the “front lines” of the war.  Our missionary contacts are actively distributing food and also feeding people on a daily or weekly basis.

Dzerzhinsk, Ukraine – We were able to send 20 “Hope Boxes” filled with high protein fortified rice meals.  The total weight of the shipment was 650 pounds!  An American missionary and the church she serves were able to bless over 50 people with food over the weekend and she reports that over 20 new people attended worship on Sunday.

Kharkiv, Ukraine – We shipped 15 “Hope Boxes”, weighing over 500 pounds, to the Alexeevka Church of Christ in Kharkiv.  There, Valeriy Kachuk and other church members are setting up a “soup kitchen” every Friday at the local train station and feeding dozens of weary refugees who are escaping the war zone.  The church reports that some of the refugees who are settling in Kharkiv have been attending the church.

We praise God, that through simple donations of food, God is being glorified and that people are coming to church and seeking after the Lord.

All of these food donations were made possible due to the generosity of Hands Against Hunger, a ministry of A Child’s Hope International in Cincinnati, Ohio.  They donated the rice meals and are again in the process of shipping another 40 foot container of rice meals to Jeremiah’s Hope.