Winter “Sasha Project” Visits…

Winter is a time of year which is very difficult for many of our Sasha Project families.  For many of our families, winter means they are often cut off from the rest of the world due to roads which are not drivable due to snow buildup and ice.  Depending on those conditions, our staff are sometimes not even able to get out and visit regularly.

This winter the weather has been cooperative and Xander and Lindsay have been regularly visiting each of our kids.  They find the kids to be doing pretty well health wise, but the families are struggling under the economic hardships the nation is facing due to war.

Since May, the Ukrainian Grievna (currency) has gone from 8 Grievna/$1USD to now 29 Grievna/$1USD. The exchange continues to drop.  For those paid in US Dollars, things are like half price, but for those paid in local currency and buying in local currency, the costs are SKY HIGH!  For ALL of our Sasha Project families…that is the case.  Their meager monthly incomes of $40 to $100 USD (paid in Grievna by their employers) is barely buying them anything.

It is moments like this where we KNOW that God has us serving and ministering to these families.  They are hungry, they are weary and we are there to be a light in a dark, cold place as we provide food and share God’s love with each of them.

Please continue to pray for our Sasha Project families and our ministry team as we continue to reach of to these children and their families.