Hip Replacement Surgery Planned for Bogdan – Sasha Project Kid…

We first met Bogdan, during the summer of 2010, when SocialServices referred him to our summer camp.  As we were preparing todistribute back packs and school supplies at the end of the summer, we had theperfect opportunity to go to his house and touch base with him again and tomeet his family.

Bogdan is one of three siblings living with their single mother,Sophia.  Bogdan is 12, Mark is 8 and Alyona is 6.  They live in asmall two room village house.  They have no running water inside thehome.  They heat their home with a village style wood burning brick ovenand this is also the means of cooking.

The village they live in is remote and there are NO employmentopportunities and no daycare opportunities.  So, Sophia (the mom) is unableto work and earn a living.  Sophia lives off government aid and Bogdansdisability payment.  She is a good mom, does not drink, does not wastemoney and really loves her kids.

Bogdan and his siblings are part of “The SashaProject” which is an initiative of Jeremiah’s Hope to provide practicalhelp to at risk children in Ukraine.  Every two weeks, the Jeremiah’s Hopestaff visit Bogdan and his siblings, delivering a basic food package to assistin providing food for their family and to spend time mentoring the kids.

Bogdan has a deteriorated hip bone.  Sophia has taken him for consultations with doctors in Ivankiv (the closest town and a very poorquality hospital) and she has been told that he needs a hip replacement inKyiv.  She has been asking us for 3 years to help her get him the surgerythat he needs.  An American doctor has examined Bogdan’s x-rays and hiship bone is deteriorated and some of his bone is simply powder.  He walkswith a great deal of pain on his right side due to the deterioration.

We now have new x-rays and are beginning a series of doctorsconsultations, guided by an American doctor (consultation role only due tolicensing issues) and Bogdan will have surgery in the early spring. Surgery, even discounted due to humanitarian reasons, is expected to cost, approximately $5,000 USD and this amount includes consultations, surgery andrehab after the hip replacement.

To date, over $3,000 has already been donated to Jeremiah’s Hope to assist with theoperation.  Those who would like to donate towards the cost of surgery candonate online at the Jeremiah’s Hope website – https://npo.justgive.org/nonprofits/donate.jsp?ein=20-3576098 – if you donateonline please select “HIP REPLACEMENT FOR BOGDAN NESTERENKO” underthe PROGRAMS tab.