Winter in Eastern Europe is brutal and many who are poor suffer.  Children walk to school in sub-zero temperatures in snow and ice each day.  Once at school, the buildings are poorly heated and often drafty and the children continue to be cold.

This winter, we want to invite you to partner with us to provide winter boots for 40 children in our “Sasha Project.”  We have personal relationships with each of the children and their parents.  They are great kids, but their lives are difficult due to poverty and sometimes abuse.  With inflation at 112% in Ukraine, many of their parents are struggling to make ends meet, let along providing them with new winter boots.

Would you consider donating $25 to Jeremiah’s Hope to be used to purchase winter boots in Ukraine?  It is our goal to raise $1,000 by October 31st so we can go to the market and purchase the boots and deliver them during the first week of November.  Please consider making a gift today!  You can donate online at 

On behalf of the children of Ukraine…THANK YOU!