Sending Refugee Aid to Let’s Love Ministries in Kharkiv, Ukraine…

As winter draws near, there is more and more need for people, especially Christians, to provide aid to the tens of thousands of refugees from eastern Ukraine.  Our ministry has been blessed to receive a large amount of aid during the summer for refugees and much of it was winter clothing, which the refugees declined at the time as they had limited storage space in the cabins they were living in on our property.  Now, most of our refugees have moved into apartments or returned to their homes.  The aid remains and we have a container load of aid from America on its way.

Jeremiah’s Hope has been receiving weekly updates from Dema Grischuk, a Christian and founder of Let’s Love Ministries.  Our ministry team has have known Dema for many years because Jeremiah’s Hope would not exist if it was not for the help of Dema when Steve Taliaferro and Andrew Kelly.  Dema now teaches at a Bible training school and runs Let’s Love, a ministry also dedicated to orphans and at-risk children.

Let’s Love is operating several small warehouses (think apartment sized) and are distributing aid to refugees.  We are blessed to be able to help them help others!