Sasha Project Visits in Full Swing…

This summer, we were not able to have our normal camps for our Sasha Project kids due to the over 250 refugees we served and ministered to from eastern Ukraine.  Our hearts ached to be with our kids and many called and asked when they could come to camp and when they would see us.  It was hard to not have them at camp, but we believed for this moment in time, God was calling us to serve the refugees who were strangers wandering in a strange land!

Our ministry team has been busy reconnecting with our Sasha Project kids over the past few weeks!  Xander Petrov and Ray Walker are heading up our Sasha Project ministry and are often joined by Lindsay Pratt and Victoria Tyson.

At the beginning of each week, our team goes out and purchases “Food Packs” for each family.  Each food packet consists of macaroni, sugar, oatmeal, cream of wheat, buckwheat, oil, tea, bread, eggs, cheese and more.  Then, each Tuesday and Thursday, our team goes out to the villages where the children live and visit with each family.  The average visit is between 15-20 minutes and it is a time to catch up on the families news, find out more of what their needs are and to be a light in a sometimes dark world for the kids and their parents!


This week, Ray and Xander visited the Kosanchuk family.  Bogdan, Mark and Alyona live with their single mom.  Their mom is a really kind lady who makes every effort to care for and provide for her children.  When Ray and Xander visited, they enjoyed a great visit with the entire family as mom served something for them to all eat and drink together.  After visiting together for over 20 minutes, Ray and Xander spent some time playing with Bogdan, Mark, Alyona and a dog outside on the street.  This is one of the “good families” where the kids are safe and loved!  We praise God for their mom and continue to pray for this family.