Jeremiah’s Hope Adds New Board Members…

On Saturday, September 20th, the Board of Directors met in Abilene, Texas for their annual board meeting.

During the meeting, several new board members were appointed and begin a two year term serving Jeremiah’s Hope.  We are excited to welcome Marla Gibson, Justin Hatfield, Dewey Keeton and Roxanne Lowe to our board.

Each of these new board members bring with them a significant amount of experience and passion for the children of Ukraine.  Most exciting is that 3 of the 4 new board members have each been to Ukraine on more than one occasion and have first hand knowledge of Jeremiah’s Hope and the children whom we serve.

We welcome these new board members and look forward to working alongside them!


ABOVE: Photo of the Board of Directors
From Left to Right: Lynn Kelly, Jim Hobby, Ed Enzor, Marla Gibson, Andrew Kelly (Missionary), Kelly Pless, Justin Hatfield, Roxanne Lowe, Dewey Keeton and Mike Singleton.