Jeremiah’s Hope to Ship a Container of Humanitarian Aid to Ukraine…

Jeremiah’s Hope is planning to ship a 40 foot container from Texas to Ukraine.  The intended purpose of this container is to help provide for basic winter needs of some of the thousands of refugees from eastern Ukraine.  Many of them are Christians.

There is no set time for shipment yet (as of September 9th) but we want to have the items collected by September 30th so that the container may be approved the Humanitarian Affairs Committee of the Ukrainian Government and it can be shipped in and delivered to Ukraine by end of October.

If you, your civic group or church would like to help, here is what is needed…

Items Needed:
Men’s Black or Grey Crew Socks
Winter Boots
Winter Coats
Wool Blankets
Sleeping Bags

Twin Size Mattresses
Inflatable Twin Size Air Mattresses

Gas or Diesel Generators


Baby Strollers (especially the kind that lay down so the baby can sleep – this doubles as a bed in crisis situations)

Drop Off Locations:
DFW – to be determined
Abilene, TX – to be determined