April Girl’s Weekend…

One of our goals this year was to begin hosting “Girl’s Weekends” for the older teenage girls in our Sasha Project ministry.  These weekends would be designed as an opportunity to mentor and invest in the lives of a small group of girls who are going through a major transitional period in their lives.

Last weekend (Easter weekend), we had four girls come (not including Anya and Nastya from our Rescue Shelter). This past weekend, we had six other girls attend. We spent time watching movies, hanging out, playing games, painting nails, and enjoying the beautiful weather. We ate cookies and drank tea while we had a special time to talk about the Lord.

Last weekend, Lindsay Pratt (our house mom at the Rescue Shelter) shared with the girls about the difference between religion and faith, and we watched The Passion of the Christ. This weekend, Victoria Tyson shared with the girls about materialism. She talked about how material things don’t last, but God’s love for us will last forever.

Please continue to pray for these young ladies as they transition from girls into young women.  Pray that they will desire to seek after a relationship with Jesus first and not place their self value in material things or physical relationships.