“Milk & Fruit Run” to Vovchikov Orphanage

Over the past few months, Ukraine has gone through some major changes due to a revolution and the annexing of Crimea by Russia.  During the revolution the President was overthrown and his Cabinet of Ministers dismissed.  While these actions were great for the nation, changes like this means someone always slips through the cracks.

Those who are slipping through the cracks right now are THE ORPHANS!

In February, our ministry team reached out to the orphanage director in Vovchikov, Ukraine.  Jeremiah’s Hope has had a relationship with this orphanage for almost a year now and we wanted to make sure they were doing ok.  The director told us that money is SLOWLY trickling down from the new government and they had most of what they needed but they were struggling, on their limited budget, to buy enough milk and fruit for the children.

So, this week, our ministry team went and purchased 4 cases of milk (80 liters), a case of bananas, a case of apples and a case of mandarins for the kids.  This is the first of several planned “Milk and Fruit Runs” which we will do over the coming weeks.

THANK YOU to all who donated to help us meet this need!!

If you would like to donate towards our next “Milk & Fruit Run” to help the orphans at Vovchikov, you can DONATE ONLINE!