Do You Take Your Bible for Granted?

How often do you sit down with God’s word?  Are you a daily Bible reader?  How many Bibles do you personally own?

For some of us, these questions might offend us.  Why?  Because the answers to those questions remind us that we take our Bible and our relationship with the Lord for granted.  I know I do.

Anya is 16 years old, blind and growing up in a remote village near the Chernobyl zone.  She summer, she comes to camp and is actively involved in the few activities which she can do and for the rest, she sits on the side and cheers on the other kids.  She loves Bible class, but she has never had the opportunity to read along with the other kids.

Her dream in life…to read the Bible by herself!  Thanks to a small Lutheran church in America and a group of believers who meet together weekly to HAND type the braille text (in multiple languages), we were able to give Anya a copy of the Book of Acts this summer. She was excited, but she wanted more.

Yesterday, Anya got 5 large braille books which was the entire CHILDRENS BIBLE in Russian.  She was so excited that she began to read immediately.

Maybe, this young girls excitement to encounter the scriptures should be a reminder to us to dust off one of our MANY Bibles and sit and spend a few minutes with our God today!