Blankets Delivered to Vovchikov Orphanage Before Winter…

Winters in Ukraine can be bitterly cold!  Orphanages often are drafty and cold due to old windows which allow wind to blow through between the cracks and also due to old heating systems which are outdated and do not work well.  The orphanage in Vovchikov is not that severe, it is a very well kept facility, but there are still very few “personal” blankets for the kids to use as they play or watch TV in common rooms.

We were blessed to have the opportunity, last week, to deliver 23 blankets which were especially made for these children!  The ladies involved with Women for Eastern European Missions (WEEM) hand made each blanket earlier in summer and brought them to Ukraine in September.  The plan was to deliver the blankets to the children while the ladies were in Ukraine, but due to an outbreak of Chicken Pox, then orphanage was under quarantine and the visit was not possible.

We are glad that the children now have their blankets and are enjoying them as the fall temperatures begin to cool.

This is not the first gift from the ladies of WEEM!  They have made backpacks for the children before and also small quilts.  THANK YOU!