Transitional Living Center Closed on July 1st

It began as a dream!  11 Teens.  1 Home.  2 Young & Eager Missionaries…

Nine years ago, a dream became reality when our transitional living center in Mariupol was opened and the first dozen orphanage graduates moved into the home. Over the years, we have been blessed to minister to over 40 teens as they transitioned from dependent orphanage living to independent adult life.

As announced this spring, the transitional living center was closed on July 1st. We are thankful for your partnership over the years and for the dedication of Tanya and Alexandra over the past few years as they have served the children. Please continue to pray for each of these young adults as they continue their journeys in life!

9 Years. 45 Teens. 13 Became Christians. 4 Adopted to Christian Families. 5 Serving in Church Ministry. PRAISE GOD!